Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Kinases and Substrates

Purified kinases for assay development in your lab

Reaction Biology offers a broad panel of recombinant kinase products suitable for development of kinase activity assays. In addition to active kinase proteins including lipid kinases and protein kinases, we offer kinase protein variants and kinase substrates. All recombinant kinase products are offered under the brand name "ProQinase™".

Custom-tailored recombinant kinase protein production can be performed according to your specific requirements of active kinases and other potential drug targets.

As a service provider for kinase screening and profiling, we use our recombinant kinase products on a continuous basis for testing kinase inhibitors. For each kinase protein, we have identified a matching kinase substrate. The activity of our purified recombinant kinase proteins is proved every day in our own labs.

Our recombinant kinases can be purchased as aliquots off-the-shelf or in bulk quantities.


Recombinant protein kinases can be used for the identification and characterization of kinase inhibitors. Reaction Biology offers a large panel of active recombinant protein kinases, immediately available off the shelf.

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Active Lipid Kinases are available from ProQinase completing our portfolio of recombinant kinases. The lipid kinases have passed Reaction Biology’s quality control and have been tested for activity in the non-radioactive ADP-Glo™ assay from Promega.

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In addition to active recombinant kinases, inactive or non activated protein kinases are available. These protein kinase variants have also passed Reaction Biology's quality control and proofed to be inactive in kinase assays in comparison to their active counterparts.

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All kinase substrates can be used in a broad spectrum of biochemical kinase assay technologies including radiometric activity assays (e.g. Scintiplate®, filter binding assays), in ATP consumption or antibody-based assays. Substrates have been validated for the use in radiometric assays as well as with the ADP-Glo™ kinase assay technology from Promega Corp.

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If the kinase of your interest is not yet available as off-the-shelf product, we may produce this protein for you according to your specific requirements.

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